Canva2u Ebay Seller Solution  


Canvas2u connects with your ebay account and downloads in a 'csv' file of your active listings - with VARIATIONS !

eBay make it very difficult to enable the seller to download a file of their running listings that includes details of listings with variations (a listing that has various options for the buyer to choose - colour or size for example). eBay's own tools 'File Exchange', 'Turbolister', 'Seller Manager' cannot do it - Canvas2u can do it - very easily!

For just a one off payment of £25.99 GBP (£21.669 Ex VAT) you will have lifetime use of the programme.


 See how it works...


    Click here to view our live test eBay listing. The listing is for a Shirt that is available in 3 colours and 3 sizes...

    Then click here to download the listings details including the price and quantity of each variation within the listing.


Full documentation and file specification can be downloaded here (pdf)

To use this application you will need to register with eBay as a 'Developer' here:  This is very straightforword and should only take a few minutes.

A user guide to setting-up and eBay Developer account can be found here (pdf).