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As an ebay seller myself since 2003 I found it frustrating that eBays own tools could not manage the simple task of keeping track of listings with variation options. Not being able to easily see the quantity listed or price of each variation was hampering my ability to list in large quantities without 'overselling' or suddenly finding that a particular variation had been selling for the last year at the wrong price!

There were other 3rd party programmes that I found that could do the job but they all came with lots of bells and whistles that I didn't need and were very expensive to subscribe to - some being £100's per month.

So, I decided to develop my own solution can came-up with Canvas2u. A simple programme that will download into a flat file (csv) that I could import into a database (a spreadsheet will also work) and view in a simple format all my listings with price and quantity listed against each.

I hope that if you decide to buy a Lifetime Licence to use Canvas2u then you will find it as useful as I do, if not then I will give you your money back.


Philip Bourne

Managing Director of Philip Bourne Ltd and developer of Canvas2u.

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Philip Bourne Ltd
Chantry Close
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e: sales 'at' canvas2u.co.uk